Key Factors That Can Help You Choose The Right Rotary Table

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If you run a manufacturing business or enjoy doing certain manual projects on your own, a rotary table can take some of the difficulty out of performing some tasks. These rotating tables are particularly useful for metalworkers and often work well for cutting, drilling, and welding with greater precision. Here are some key facts about rotary tables to keep in mind so that you'll have an easier time choosing the right rotary table for your manufacturing needs.


You can choose from different types of rotary tables, and the right type will depend on the specific tasks that you plan to perform. An air-bearing rotary table is a popular choice among many industrial workers because of the table's ability to keep its moving parts suspended slightly above the table in the air instead of being in direct contact with the table. Oil hydrostatic tables use oil instead of air to keep parts from making direct contact with the table and are often ideal for performing tasks like grinding and other work that requires a stiffer surface. Mechanical-bearing rotary tables have moving parts that directly touch the table and can be useful for jobs that require radial, axial, and angular error motions.


Rotary tables come in different sizes, and you'll want to be sure that you don't get one that's too big or small for your space. You can review the diameter measurement of each rotary table you look at so that you can choose a table that will fit wherever you need to place it and give you enough space to complete your tasks safely. You should also consider the sizes of the materials that you normally plan to use on the table to make choosing the right option easier.

Weight Capacity

It's also important to get a rotary table that will be able to support the weight of the materials that you plan to use on it. If the materials are too heavy for your rotary table, they could damage your table and decrease its lifespan. You should also make sure that your rotary table isn't too heavy for the mounting surface that you plan to use for positioning your table. The maximum radial and axial loads of each table should be reviewed to determine the total weight capacity.

Maximum Rotating Speed

Some jobs may require a higher rotating speed, so you'll want a rotary table that can meet the demands. Each table that you review should have its maximum rotating speed specified so that you'll be able to see the information clearly to determine if a particular option is right for you.

A rotary table can take much of the struggle and guesswork out of manufacturing. Distributors of rotary table products feature many great options, and you'll likely have a much easier time choosing the right table if you order yours from one of the leading distributors.   

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9 January 2023

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