Architectural Services That Are Conducted Before And During A Construction Project

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Architectural services include consultations, plan preparations, and contractor communications. A building project is conducted in stages and may involve various modifications throughout the entire process. 

The Consultation And The Preliminary Plans

An architect provides clients with an initial consultation that involves discussing a future building project. The location where a building will be erected, the projected budget that a client has prepared, and historical research details may be discussed during this time. An architect will focus on aesthetical properties and structural requirements. Someone who does not have knowledge about the building industry will likely not be familiar with building codes that pertain to a region where a construction project will be taking place.

An architect's role is to absorb the construction preferences that a client has and guide the client with choosing a design and layout for the new building. The preliminary plans may include drawings, computer-generated diagrams, and written details. These plans will always be discussed with a client, which will allow a client to make changes to what has been proposed.

The Communication Process

A series of contractors will be essential during the building process. An architect will act as a liaison throughout the building process. They will seek input from contractors, share building plans, and relay pertinent information to the building team. A copy of the construction plans that an architect has prepared will be given to each contractor who has been hired to perform construction or landscaping services.

Occasionally, an architect may need to adjust building plans, once a construction project has started. A structural engineer or another key player in the building process may encounter variables that will require modifications to the construction of a building. Safety issues or material access issues could impede the construction process and require that an engineer or another professional meets with an architect to discuss what has hindered the construction process.

A client will be informed about changes and will always have the opportunity to deny a modification or suggest an alternate way to continue the construction process. An architect may stop at a construction site occasionally, to witness firsthand how the building project is being executed. During each visit to a construction site, an architect may contact a client in advance. They may request that the client meets them at the job site. Open communication is an important part of a construction project and will provide a client with transparency.


24 February 2022

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