Gooseneck Truck Body Styles

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Agricultural, mining, and construction industries require that various tools and machines be transported from place to place. A gooseneck truck body is rugged and versatile. A flat bed, skirted bed with integrated storage, or combination service/gooseneck body are some styles that you may want to learn about.

Flat Bed

A gooseneck flat bed consists of one main surface that can be used to stow gear. The sides of the bed will be relatively low, and there may not be any defined storage areas that are compartmentalized. A farmer could stack up bales of hay or agricultural equipment on this type of truck body's flat bed. A mining or construction crew member could haul heavy equipment on top of a gooseneck flat bed. This type of bed contains no frills and will coordinate well with any type of heavy-duty truck cab.

Skirted Bed

A skirted bed is a gooseneck body type that contains ample flat bed space and storage compartments. The bed will lay relatively low, directly above the back tires of a vehicle. This type of bed will support the storage of all of the gear that a standard flat bed can haul. The storage compartments that comprise a truck body may be included along the interior or exterior walls of the bed. This type of truck body will be slightly bulkier than a standard gooseneck flat bed.

Combination Service Body/Gooseneck Body

A combination body will offer full side compartments for storage and a fully-enclosed bed. Because the storage that this type of gooseneck body offers is rather extensive, the amount of bed space will be much more limited, in comparison to what a flat bed or a skirted bed offers.

An individual who will be handling a lot of equipment that must stay organized or that requires some additional safety features for their gear will benefit by owning a combination service body/gooseneck body. Some manufacturers of this body style may feature locking mechanisms that can be used to secure items that are going to be left in a storage compartment regularly.

Paint And Towing Considerations

Gooseneck truck bodies and beds can be painted to match the cab that the body is going to be attached to. A new truck body may come fully equipped with a hitch system. The hitch system can be used to tow large wheeled machinery that will be used on a worksite. If a used truck body is purchased and it lacks a hitch system, one can be purchased separately.


17 November 2021

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