A Look At The Most Common Causes Of Crane-Related Injuries

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Industrial cranes bring a wealth of power and functionality to an array of different business settings, and they are used in many different processes. However, these giant workhorses must be properly maintained, properly operated, and properly inspected. If they are not, you run a great risk of causing injury to someone either operating the crane or someone who is in the vicinity of the crane in your workplace. Take a look at some of the most common causes of crane-related injuries. 

Injuries Caused by Falling Crane Parts 

The boom, jib, gearbox, outriggers—all of these are common crane components that can work themselves loose over time. As the crane operates, the hardware that secures some of the components in place can jar out of their position, which is why the hardware should be routinely checked to ensure that everything is secure. If a part falls off of the crane during operation, people who are working in the area could be hit by one of the massive objects and sustain head injuries or other severe injuries to the rest of their body. 

Injuries Caused by Sudden Lack of Crane Mobility

Imagine this—a crane operator is moving a large stack of steel material when the boom suddenly freezes up, mid-move, and they cannot control the material as they need to. Unfortunately, if the moving parts of your crane are not kept well lubricated and replaced when they become worn, this is something that could happen. When properly maintained, all moving parts of the crane should seamlessly glide and transition as the crane operator designates. Any fault here can have devastating consequences. 

Injuries Caused By a Crane Toppling Over

The tracks on the base of the crane must be inspected regularly for flaws and problems. If they are not, those faults and problems can prevent the crane from gripping the ground as needed when the crane is carrying or lifting a massive load. because the crane is top-heavy, it can topple over if there is not stable footing. When a crane topples over, everyone in the area can be in extreme danger of getting injured by the lift boom, the crane housing, and anything the crane was carrying. 

Thankfully, most crane-related injuries are easily preventable if you follow proper inspection and maintenance practices. Reach out to a professional crane inspections service for more information about avoiding injuries in your workplace that are associated with crane operation, or visit this site to learn more.


10 August 2018

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