How Robots And Your Welders Can Work Together To Increase Your Metal Fabrication Production

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When you initially add a robotic welder to your small metal fab shop, you may wonder what the reaction of your welders will be about it. Many workers feel as though a robotic machine is purchased to replace them. However, you can prevent your welders from feeling this way when you bring in a robotic welder by discussing with them ways to work along with the robot for increasing production. Check out the benefits your experienced welders can experience having a robotic welder as back up.

Your Welders Will Need To Supervise The Robot

Be sure to talk to your welders about the need for a robot's welding capabilities and supervision. Quality control does not always come on the pieces welded by a robot just because it is a robot. Because of your need for high-quality welds, your experienced welders will spend a great deal of time maintaining quality control. Your robotic welder can make fast welds, but knowing it is backed up by the eyes and experience of your welders ensures you high-quality results. Bear in mind that the pieces intended for a robotic welder will still need some human welding and will need to be sized and cut properly—tasks only your workers can perform.

When Your Employees Worry About Programming A New Robot

If your employees worry about knowing how to program a robotic welder, they should know the interfaces provided with today's modern robots are simple to use. You can get multiple copies of programming manuals from the robot's manufacturer if you would like for all your employees to have for studying on their own. From programming a robot to make one single part to its programming for several different parts, you and your employees will find learning how to do so a much easier task than you may have imagined due to simple-to-use interfaces.

Stressing The Benefits Of Robotic Welding For Everyone In Your Fab Shop

When you introduce the idea of robotic integration with your welders, emphasizing the benefits it will provide for everyone is a good idea. Your robotic welder will take a lot of pressure off your welders when large orders come in, giving them the time they need for doing other parts of their duties that is not welding. You might also tell your employees about the benefits of learning how to operate the latest in robotic machinery, a bonus to your employees' work skills. Also, the faster your employees are able to fill orders, the more likely you are to get new orders, so making more money can be a possible benefit for everyone.

The world of metal fabrication is always changing as technology makes its way into every aspect of it. Taking the time to learn more about how you and your employees can benefit from technology is a good way to help you remain ahead of your competitors and to become more profitable.


26 October 2016

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