Keeping Employees Safe During Demolition Procedures

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If you own your own large company and you have demolition work scheduled to revamp a portion of your building, safety steps will be required during this time to keep those on the premises from obtaining an injury from the process. Many companies prefer to handle demolition work during off-hours; however, if your project requires several days of work, it may not be feasible to shut down your building and stop all work. Here are some steps you can take to ensure those on the property are informed and given alternatives in how they maneuver near the proposed building site in an attempt to keep them safe.

Send Out Emails, Memorandums, Or Verbal Warnings

It is best to let all who plan on being in the building during demolition times know about its schedule so they will be more alert when on the premises. If your company intends on having visitors at the time of the demolition, send them memos or emails indicating the dates of the proposed demolition so they can either reschedule their time in the building or be aware of the possibility of delay in getting to areas within the building at this time. A meeting can be held with employees to tell them about the proposed new features being incorporated into the company and how they can stay safe while doing their jobs.

Provide Guidelines In Getting Around Demolition Areas

At the time of the planning stage with a demolition contractor, draft a diagram of the building and which portions are to be remodeled. This can be tweaked by someone with drafting experience or you can obtain a set of plans from the contractor with a drawing of the demolition area. Add a colored route with a marker indicating where employees should avoid and what pathways they can use to get to their destinations on the property. Make copies of this information to hand out to employees so they can use it as a guideline in an attempt to keep them away from dangerous areas.

Alert People Of Hazards With Signs, Cones, And Temporary Fencing

Place signs near areas where demolition is to be done so those on the property will know to be on the lookout for hazards like falling or accumulated debris. Temporary fencing can be placed so people do not get too close to risky areas. Cones can also be placed to inform those within the building that they are getting close to spots where injuries are possible. It is a good idea to provide hard hats and goggles for all employees to use as they navigate their way around demolition portions of the building.

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25 October 2016

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