Have Machines That Pause and Short Out on Your Shop Floor? What to Do

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If you manage a small machining company and don't know when the owners last had all the machines tuned-up and serviced, and the machines are shorting out and having problems, it may be time to address the issues. If you think that some of the machines may be outdated and that some of the machines are going to stop working entirely without some attention, you should take action quickly. These are a few of the things you want to look into when your machines are acting up, pausing, and having delays when turned on.

Change the Fluids

Have all the fluids for the mechanical components that are used to cool the machine replaced and then filled. If the fluids are dirty, this could be causing blockages throughout machining tubes and components, and that could be the issue you're having. The fluids could also be low, causing the components to grind against each other and lock up.

Clean Out the Filtration System

Dirty air throughout the machine can cause a variety of problems, and you should have the machine cleaned out with an air compressor when you have the machine tuned up. You also want to have the filters or vents cleaned and replaced as needed to keep the air quality that is necessary to keep the machines functioning at a high quality.

Replace the Actuators

The actuators are responsible for controlling the system to keep the machine in motion, and when there are issues like shortages or glitches with the actuators, it's time to replace them. A mechanic should be able to hook up a diagnostic machine to determine whether the actuators are the problem and why the machine isn't working right or to see whether there are other mechanical problems that need to be addressed.

The mechanics you bring in will be able to work with the machinists in your shop so they can get to the bottom of the problem. It is important to express to the owner that the machines need to be attended to and serviced regularly, and then you'll be able to prevent problems like this in the future. If you are having a hard time diagnosing the issue, and you are only the manager on the floor, get a machining professional and mechanic, such as one from ETI Systems, into the shop to look at the machines and to start working on the problems right away.


25 October 2016

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