Keeping School Group Visitors Safe When Visiting Your Factory

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If you just started managing a large factory and your facility takes part in hosting group tours for school groups to take a look at the way your company operates, keeping those who visit safe during their excursion is of the utmost importance. Children are especially at risk for injury or getting lost during a group tour if they do not have adequate supervision or if their entire group is excessively excited to be out of the classroom. Here are some steps you can take to help keep those visiting your establishment safe during their tour.

Provide Maps And Signs For Navigational Purposes

If a child walks away from their group, they may find themselves in an area where danger is imminent. Keeping those visiting on a designated route throughout the facility will help in keeping them safe. Give each child a map or easy-to-read diagram of the grounds and any building areas they will be viewing. Make sure the pathway you wish for those touring to use is well-marked on the map. This will help those taking a look at this information to know what areas are off-limits.

Providing landmarks on the map will also ensure children see each of the interesting areas in the building as well as help them remain in non-restrictive areas. Install several signs along the proposed route so children can navigate their way through the tour area with ease. These will become helpful in tandem with the map should someone wander away from the route.

Enlist Help From Several Employees To Walk With Groups

Larger groups would fare well with a few extra adults to guide them through the touring area. Since the classes' supervising adults may not have been on the premises in the past, having employees undertake the task in walking with a group will be beneficial. This person can speak about the different areas in the factory or on the grounds and answer any questions children may have about the work done at the company. The children will most likely learn more with an employee than on a self-guided tour, and there will be extra eyes watching over their well-being, too.

Give Children Tasks To Undertake Within Safe Areas

Providing the children with a game to play while they walk through the establishment will help keep their minds on the tour itself rather than trying to walk away from the crowd. Give children a scavenger hunt to complete before they end their tour. Each child can search for hidden objects throughout the establishment. These should be kept on the main route so children are less likely to wander away into obscured areas. Another idea is to give each child a list of questions to answer about the tour. The children will be busy looking for the answers and writing them down instead of being tempted to walk to unknown areas. These tasks will help teach the children in addition to keeping them entertained while on the correct route through the factory.

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21 October 2016

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