3 Safety Tips To Remember With Your Single-Stage Air Compressor


Your air compressor serves the vital purpose of serving up compressed, pressurized air at the squeeze of a trigger. You may make use of your air compressor every day and never feel at risk. However, even the basic single-stage air compressor comes with a few hazards and dangers. Here is a closer look at a few safety rules you must keep in mind when using your single-stage air compressor. 

Never alter or change the relief valve on an air compressor. 

Pretty much every type of air compressor is fitted with a relief valve which is designed to prevent the compression in the tank from growing so large that combustion would be a problem, and the single-stage compressor is no different. You may be tempted to mess around with this relief valve in an attempt to garner more air pressure for certain pneumatic tools, but this is a dangerous idea. Any manipulation of this relief valve, or any if there is more than one, could leave the air tank so pressurized that combustion could be a possibility. 

Be alert to a rusty air compressor tank.

Most air compressors are made with steel tanks that have an exterior coating to prevent corrosion. Single-stage air compressors usually have at least one housing tank for air designed in the same fashion. However, with age, time, and exposure to corrosive materials and moisture, you could very well see your air compressor start to rust. If you have major rusty areas on the compression tanks where the air is housed, it is best to go ahead and replace at least the tanks of your equipment. These tanks are under tremendous pressure from the inside out and can be combustible if small leaks form due to corrosion. 

Keep your work area well ventilated. 

You may assume that what is being released by your air compressor is simply air so it must be safe. However, the air that is coming from your single-stage air compressor is far from good and healthy oxygen. In fact, the air pushed out of the compressor is often contaminated with oil and fine particles of moisture that are laden with harmful ingredients that should not be inhaled. For this reason, it is crucial to keep your work area well ventilated when you have your air compressor in use for long periods. 

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21 October 2016

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