Three Reasons Why You Need Diesel Exhaust Scrubbers

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The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has worked furiously to make industrial and manufacturing companies comply with their guidelines over the last few decades, starting with factory tower scrubbers in the late '70s. Since then, several other government agencies which regulate and control pollution have set the standards for what kind of fuel your industry can burn, what you can use for heat (e.g., heating oil, propane, etc.) to make the waste cleaner and less harmful, and to regulate the use of diesel fuel. Now you will need diesel scrubbers in any of your diesel machinery and trucks, and here are three reasons why.

1. Diesel Scrubbers Make You Compliant with EVERY Government Environmental Agency

There are at least a half dozen federal and state environmental protection agencies (with a few more in California) all working to ensure that the pollution output from diesel machines is next to nil. Diesel is generally a cleaner burning fuel than standard gas, but if the engines are dirty or the exhaust is ineffective, there are a lot of particles in diesel fuel that can escape. As such, these agencies will expect that your machines and trucks are in tip-top shape. They also will expect (or give you bonus points on your emissions tests) for having diesel scrubbers.

2. Your Machines and Trucks Run More Efficiently and Effectively with Scrubbers

Diesel machines and engines run far more efficiently and effectively with scrubbers. The scrubbers remove much of the burnt fuel particles, CO2 an CO from the diesels, which can choke up, block up and ignite the machines and engines at all the wrong times. Using a scrubber is a lot like climbing inside the machines or opening the engines and providing an excellent cleaning or flushing.

3. Fewer Poisonous Emissions Means Fewer Sick Employees

Finally, consider this: when diesel engines and diesel machines in the factory leak their toxins because their components are faulty and there are no scrubbers to stop it, you get several very sick employees. Sick employees means a slowdown in production, and a loss in profits. Installing the scrubbers means you have a big expense now for the scrubbers, but you have ongoing profits, higher production rates and fewer sick employees from here on out. It is worth the expense to treat your diesel exhausts with scrubbers (both liquid and mechanical) to get more out of your machines, your trucks and your employees.

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20 October 2016

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