Telltale Indications You're Facing Faulty Ductwork in Your Retail Store

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In a retail setting, keeping every employee and customer comfortable and warm through the winter will definitely be a top priority. Unfortunately, with all of the hustle and bustle of everyday business, the heating system and its components can be neglected through the years. One primary component of a commercial heat system that usually does not get enough attention is the ductwork. The ducts in your business serve the vital purpose of heat distribution, so with their having issues, you will definitely be facing a struggle. Here are few telltale indications of duct issues you should be looking for in your retail store setting. 

Your store has obvious cold spots. 

One of the first things a lot of store owners will notice when they are having ductwork issues is the fact that heat will no longer be evenly distributed through the store. You may have some sections or departments that consistently feel warmer than others. This is usually a sign that the ducts leading to the vents in the particularly cooler area are either blocked or damaged, which means the heat is not making it to its intended destination. If this is a problem you are experiencing, it is a good idea to have a commercial heating expert take a look.

You notice a drastic change in your heating expenses. 

If your ducts are damaged, it means that your heat system will have to work much harder just to keep your store at the desirable temperature you have set on the thermostat. Therefore, the heat system will often run for hours on end in an effort to stay consistent with the thermostat setting. If you see a drastic change in how much your heating expenses are for the store, it is a good indication that there are damaged ducts somewhere in the building. 

You see obvious signs of moisture around the vents inside the store. 

Ductwork in a business building is often tucked away in an attic-like crawlspace or even routed on top of the building itself. Therefore, moisture can be a really big possibility if the ducts get damaged. You may notice water spray from around vents or see brown moisture stains where water has been dripping or condensation has been accumulating. 

The fact is, your ducts are vital to your commercial heating system, and if they are compromised, it can be a big deal for overall functionality and efficiency of the building. If you suspect you have damaged ducts, contact a commercial heating contractor such as Mercury Tec for advice. 


18 October 2016

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