Three Vacuum Pump Care Tips To Help Yours Avoid Problems

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A vacuum pump can be an essential tool for your business. However, it can be common for individuals to overlook the various maintenance needs that these tools need. Making these oversights can expose the vacuum pump to more wear and tear is otherwise necessarily. You can help to keep your vacuum pump safe from these issues by making sure to always follow these basic maintenance care tips.

Wipe Down The Exterior After Every Use

When using the vacuum pump, it is possible for oil residue and dust to gather on the exterior casing. These substances may seem harmless, but it is possible for them to get inside the interior of the vacuum pump. If this happens, the internal moving components of the unit may become clogged. You can minimize this risk by always wiping down the exterior of the unit with a cloth after each use.

Check The Oil Prior To Every Use

In order to protect the internal moving components from friction damage, your vacuum pump uses a specially formulated oil. While this oil will normally be extremely effective at protecting the system against this type of damage, it will gradually degrade. As a result, you should check the oil before each use. The exact steps for this will vary some based on the design of your vacuum pump, but these steps will either be printed on the maintenance sticker on the exterior of the pump or in the owner's manual. When checking the oil, you will want to make sure that you check both the level of the oil and its condition. To check the condition of the oil, you will want to drain a small amount of it into a clear cup. If the oil appears cloudy or has black or metallic flakes in it, you should change it before using the system. Failure to do this could result in serious damage occurring to your vacuum pump.

Properly Store The Vacuum Pump

When you are not using the vacuum pump, you will need to make sure that you are properly storing it. Incorrectly storing your vacuum pump can cause it to suffer a couple of different types of damage. For example, it is possible for corrosion to form on the exterior of the unit, and this corrosion will eventually cause performance compromising holes to form in the casing. Another way that poor storage can damage these systems is by allowing condensation to warm the primary belt, which can corrode the wiring connections. In order to prevent your vacuum pump from suffering these damages, you should always store these devices in a low-humidity area. Ideally, this should be inside near a dehumidifier. When a dehumidifier is not an option, you can use silica gel packets or buckets to keep the humidity as low as possible.

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17 October 2016

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