Important Tips Every Home Buyer Needs To Know About Foundations

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Buying a new house is one the most exciting times of your life. You may have found a house with all the amenities you have been looking for and are ready to buy. However, before you make final decisions about any home, taking the time to look at its foundation is extremely important if you have not already done so. Some signs of a failing foundation can be easy to spot if know what to look for. Follow these tips for checking the foundation of the home you want to buy.

Walk Around The Outside Of The House

Most people walk around the home they are planning to buy for getting a look at the landscape or the siding. You may have taken a good look at the home's roof, but getting a good look at the foundation is important because it determines the life of all the other parts of the home. Take a close look at the foundation for any cracks. If you see cracks, take a look in the basement for any signs of moisture or standing water. Check the exterior of the foundation for signs of mold and mildew as well. If the foundation has even one crack, taking a look inside the house for signs of structural issues is best. However, keep in mind that tiny, hairline thin cracks can be a sign of the house simply settling. The cracks you should be worried about are the ones that are wide and easily visible.

Indoor Signs of Foundation Problems

If the house you want buy has windows sticking or that are hard to push open, it could be because of the foundation being off-kilter from shifting. Other signs you might find indoors include cracks in the drywall, doors that will not stay open on their own, uneven, sloping flooring or stairs or gaps between the walls and the ceilings. In the event you see any of these kinds of things inside a home, discussing with a contractor or professional structural engineer is a good way to learn the extent of the damage and if it is a wise investment. In some homes, small issues with the foundation can be repaired and may be included in the price of the home if the seller has it done before closing.

Making sure the home you plan to buy has a sound foundation is extremely important. Remember your home is one of the largest investments you may make in your life time, so ensuring it is a wise choice is certainly worth the time you put into closely inspecting the home's foundation. If you really fall in love with a home that needs foundation work, look into foundation underpinning to ensure its future stability.


17 October 2016

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