2 Signs That It Is Time to Change the Battery in Your Forklift

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Forklifts are amazing pieces of equipment that can be used for so many different kinds of heavy-lifting jobs, whether this be hauling large crates for a store, transporting moving materials for a home, or helping with the landscaping process. Because forklifts are used for so many different things, it is important that they run properly when they are being used. An essential element of having your forklift run correctly is going to be the forklift battery. This battery is the powerhouse for the forklift and allows it to run as it should. If you notice that your forklift is acting up a bit, then the problem may be a bad battery. When it comes to purchasing a battery, you can choose between a new battery or a used or refurbished battery. This article will discuss two signs that it is time to change the battery in your forklift. 

Slow Run Time 

If you notice that your fork lift doesn't have a very long run time, even if you have just completely charged the battery, then this may be a sign that your battery is going bad. When batteries in forklifts begin to get old, they don't hold a charge nearly as well. This is what causes them to die quicker and quicker. Since you likely aren't going to be able to get the amount of work done that you need to with a battery that doesn't hold a charge, it is crucial that you get the battery changed out as soon as you can. 

Corrosion on Your Battery

If you inspect the battery on your forklift and see that it is completely corroded, then this may mean that it needs to be replaced. This corrosion generally occurs from battery acid that builds up on the battery. When enough of the acid builds up, the battery becomes corroded. If you aren't sure what battery acid looks like, it is white in color and looks a bit chalky. It will also have the smell of rotten eggs when it gets wet. As stated earlier, if corrosion has occurred, your battery is likely going to need to be completely replaced. However, if the battery only has a small amount of acid on it, then you can clean it off before corrosion begins. A great way to ensure that corrosion never begins is to check your forklift battery for signs of corrosion on a regular basis.   


17 October 2016

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