Renting A Dumpster For Construction? 3 Ways The Waste Your Generate Will Affect You Dumpster Rental

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If you own a construction business and need to rent a dumpster for a construction job, you need to think carefully about what type of waste this job is going to generate. Here are three ways that the waste you generate will affect your dumpster rental.

#1 Asbestos Removal

If part of your construction job involves the removal of asbestos, you cannot just rent a regular construction dumpster for the asbestos that you will be removing. All the asbestos that you remove from the building will need to be placed into special asbestos bags and sealed so that no asbestos escapes.

If you will be removing large quantities of asbestos, you need to work with a waste management company that specifically deals with disposing of asbestos; they may have some special asbestos dumpster that you can rent. To prevent the spread of asbestos into the air, ground soil, and waterbeds, it is vital that you not just put this material in a regular dumpster with other waste from your construction job. 

#2 Gravel & Fill Material

If you need to remove gravel and other "fill" material from your construction site, you are going to need to rent a dumpster specifically for dealing with those materials.

Many waste management companies prefer that construction outfits put gravel and fill material in separate containers from other construction debris as it makes it easier to recycle and reuse gravel and fill material when it is not mixed in with other debris. This allows waste management companies to keep this type of material out of the landfill.

#3 General Construction Waste

For general construction waste, such as left over packaging material or material pulled out of a remodel, such as wood, drywall, and carpets, you can rent a general-use dumpster. You can mix general construction waste together. 

When you put general construction waste into the dumpster, try to focus on putting the heaviest material in first on the bottom of the dumpster and spreading it out throughout the dumpster, then putting lighter material on top. For example, broken concrete should go on the bottom, and lighter material, such as drywall, should go on the top. 

#4 Hazardous Material

When doing a construction job, you areprobably going to come across some hazardous material. Hazardous material includes items that are used in construction jobs every day, such as paint, stains and florescent lighting tubes. These types of materials need to be set aside and appropriately recycled. If you have an excessive quantity of hazardous material, you need to work with your waste management company to dispose of these materials; they may have large hazardous waste barrels that you can use if you have enough hazardous waste to fill a dumpster.

When ordering dumpsters for your next construction project, think carefully about what type of waste materials the job will generate. The disposal of large quantities of certain items, such as asbestos and hazardous waste, will require you to work closely with your waste management company to come up with an appropriate transportation and disposal method. If you have general construction waste as well as gravel and fill to dispose of, you may need to rent two separate dumpsters for each type of waste. For more information, visit websites like


12 October 2016

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